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Hospitals and the Holy Spirit

                   The past several days, I have been hanging out in St. Joseph's hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota with my wife's family. At this very moment, we are in the waiting room as Granny is undergoing open heart surgery. As we have been sitting here, I have been thinking about the Holy Spirit. This was prompted by a sermon that we listened to this past week  but also by something else quite remarkable: witnessing the incredible number of "helpers" who have been ministering to my mother-in-law as she prepared to receive a new heart valve.             Yesterday, a steady flow of people came in and out of the hospital room. There was the nutritionist bringing dinner, a vanilla "Boost" drink, and a lacto-bacillus pill. A nurses' aide drew blood from Granny's finger to check on her sugar levels since she has needed insulin. The cardiologist came in to answer questions regarding the forthcoming operation. A respiratory therapist rehe