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A Note for Josh at the birth of Grace

        I have quite a few friends and family who have had or about to have children. This past week, my friend Josh Etter and his wife Kate just had a little girl. I thought that I would send write a few thoughts to Josh just to encourage him in this often daunting task of being a dad raising a daughter. I hope it is encouraging. It is pretty simple but here are a few pieces of advice from a guy whose girls are now grown up. 1. Get ready to be blessed. You will be more blessed, helped, and humbled by raising your child than you can imagine. The miracle of birth and watching your wife deliver your first child will certainly do all those things for you. No doubt, you feel blessed and encouraged by the grace of God right now as you hold this new life. Certainly, you are humbled by the enormous privilege and responsibility to care for this little soul and by the sacrifice your wife has already just made. Get ready. This is just the beginning. When the psalmist writes