It's Cold Out There!

     To say that this has been a cold winter for most people would be an understatement. For the past few months, there have been more snow days, record temperatures, flight cancellations, and general winter chaos then most of us have seen in some time. Even as my wife, MariAnne,  and I are in the south on sabbatical, the folk here have been talking about what a cold winter it has been. Cold, of course, is relative. We had a humorous event last week when it dropped below freezing for a few days. Deciding that it was a good day for a mocha, we drove over to Starbucks. The highways and parking lots were bare. No snow was in sight. Yet, the coffee shop was closed up tight. The stores and and restaurants were locked with lights out. All you saw were bewildered Canadian and Minnesotan snowbirds driving around trying to figure out if we had missed a memo.
       I thought since this would be a winter when it might seem like a good time to escape the cold that I might point out a few conference resources that are available. Not everyone can get the time or money together to head to a conference. However, I do hope that some of them might be accessible via livestreaming. You can make a cup of hot chocolate, put a log on the fire, and listen to some excellent Bible teaching. Here are a few for your consideration that are coming soon and they are brought to you by the letter "L":

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