Jesus is like the Sun - A great quote from Richard Sibbes

Here is a great quote from the Puritan pastor Richard Sibbes from his excellent work "Glorious Freedom: The Excellency of Gospel above the Law." In this quote, he teaches why the ascended Christ is of far greater benefit to the believer than the earthly Christ, now that the earthly Christ has finished the work of the cross. I have long thought that Christians should spend a great deal of time reflecting on the fact that Jesus is ascended and now reigns forever for us with all power and authority. Jesus said in John 16 that it was better that He go because then He could send us His Holy Spirit. Richard Sibbes reflects on how much better is now for the believer to have Christ high in the heavens like the sun being high in the sky:

"As that glorious creature the sun by the advantage it hath being placed in the heavens above us, is able to shine upon the greatest part of the earth at all times; and we need not call the sun down from its place to come into our houses, or fields, or gardens. No. Where it is seated in its proper place or orb, it hath the best opportunity, in most abundance and largest extent, to send down heat and light, and influence to inferior things. So Christ doth his church more good now he is in heaven, from whence he sends the Spirit, than he could do if he were below; though his human nature be confined in heaven, his person is everywhere. And being 'ascended now far above all heavens,' he giveth gifts more liberally and plentifully, insomuch as he filleth all things, Ephesians 4:10. He enlargeth the tents of his gospel, and hath taken in a greater people to himself. We see in winter, when the sun is low and near the earth, all things are dead and cold; but when the sun in the spring cometh to overtop us, to be in a higher point above us, we see how all things put a new garment upon them. There is a new vigour and freshness in them. So, there was more abundant vigour of the Spirit when Christ came in the flesh; his virtue appeared much more every way than before. But when this blessed Son of righteousness was advanced, and seated at the right hand of the Father, where his nature was perfectly enriched, and perfectly adorned with all kind of graces whatsoever in the highest glory of them, his influence of light and heat now beginning to be increased, and the efficacy and working of it to be felt everywhere, the glorious beams of the sun began to be scattered, and the light of the gospel to shine to a greater number of people. Now there was no respect of persons, whether Jew or Gentile, bond or free, male or female, all was one."

Consider how far reaching and full is the influence of Christ who reigns above and over all things. Meditate even for a moment on the breadth of His influence over your life and over all the peoples. Turn your face toward the Son and ask that He would by the Holy Spirit cause you to grow in His graces and starting with you, flood the earth with the light of His glory this day.


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